Booking conditions

The following booking conditions apply, unless you have received an offer with conditions that differ from these.


Normally a written booking confirmation will be send to by mail.
Amount of payment and terms of payment is shown in the bookingconfrmation.

If the booking is canceled until 14 days before beginn of the stay, we refund paid amount minus a cancellation fee EUR. 35,-.

By missing or to late payment of the booking fee, we reserve the right to, without notice, to rent to others.

On departure before the agreed rental period expires the paid amount will not be refunded, in whole or in part.

Arrival and Departure

Check in at rooms is between the hours 4pm and 6 pm.
Check in at campsite and cabins are in the low season between the hours 4 pm and 6pm. In high season between the hours. 2pm and 8 pm.
Arrival before normal check-in time or after 6 pm can only be done by agreement.
If arrival not happened at 6pm We reserve the right to rent the room / cabin or campsite to another. In this case there will be no claims for refund of deposit or payment.

Check out the rooms at 9.30 am from the room and 11 am from common areas.
Check out the cabins are before 10 am.
Check out the campsite is before 12 noone and departure from the site before 2 pm.

Rules and regulations

For all units apply, that we dont rent to children and adolescents under 18 years.
Generally, there must be quiet on the campsite and common rooms and aereas between the hours. 11 pm and 7am

Be careful with flames and open fire. Observe fire instructions and the locations of firefighting equipment.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the rooms.
It is not allowed to smoke indoors, either in rooms, commonaereas, rooms or toilets and restrooms.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all areas belonging Fjordlyst.
It is not allowed to aire Dogs on the campsite, and droppings must be removed in all urban areas around Fjordlyst.

Football may take place only at designated areas.

Driving with motor vehicles on the campsite must be minimized and specified speed restrictions must be respected.
Only 1 car parking per cabin or pitch. Vistors must park in guest parking in front of the mainbuilding.
Overnight vistors must be notified at the front desk and pay accommodation fee.

Waste must be sorted and deposited for recycling in correct wastebins. Wastebins are situated on the back side of the sanitation building and at the main building.

Please help keep order and leave the hired as it was received or the way you would like to receive it.
Rooms and Pitches has to be left tidy, cabins must be returned cleaned. Instructions can be found in the cabins and cottages.

Advice from Fjordlyst employees must be followed.

Violation or breach of the above rules and regulations may result in immediate expulsion.

By expulsion you have no claims for refund of amounts paid.