Tour options for young and grovn ups !

There are plenty of good reasons to have your holiday in the South Jutland, here just a few:

Visit “Universe”

The Adventure park “Universe” is full of examples of natural phenomena, exciting technology and fun activities
The whole family can learn about the forces of nature, wonderful world of science and the technology that makes our lives easier.
From Fjordlyst there is just 18 km to Ballebro ferry port, where the ferry Bitten Clausen departs every half hour to Hardeshøj on Nordals. And form here only at short distance to “Universe” park.
Link to Universe

Experience the history of the redoubts at Dybbøl

In the battle of Dybbøl in 1864, Denmark lost “Sønderjylland” to Germany.
After World War 1 an a referendum in 1920 the region was returned to Denmark.
If you go for a walk in the old fortifications, read memorial plates, looking out over the water towards the German coast, hear skylarks and feel the wind, you will be quietly led the almost 150 years ago.
When visiting the subsequent History Center Dybbøl you get words, images and sound on the mood you bring out there from, and you understand a little better what it was.
Link to “Historiecenter Dybbøl”

Follow the footsteps of the Borderguards

After reunification in 1920 and until 1958 patrolled border guards (Gendarms) along the border to Germany, a control was made on foot.
This created the so-called “Gendarmsti”, a path which can be followed from the German borderline in Kruså near Flensburg Fjord, along that, around the Broager peninsula and along Sønderborg bay to Høruphav.
On the entire stretch along the coast of approx. 90 km frequented gendarmes as close to the water as possible, thus it is a very beautiful experience to go to the varying nature of gendarmernes footsteps.


The old watermill is established with candle factory, pottery and an incredibly inspiring store. The shop sells handicrafts, handmade candles and ceramics from own workshops, and a sale of homemade sausages and cold cut meat from the farm\’s own production of eco outdoor pigs. There is also a café, decorated with old furniture and effects. It offers homemade bread, cold cuts and cake like home ground coffee.
Link to “Krusmølle”

City of paper “Papirmuseets by”

In the town “Graasten” you find “Papirmuseets by”.
A 800 m2 indoor mini-town with streets and a small square.
In many houses overflowing it with paper hobby articles and “Karen Marie klip” popular paper clips.
Here you will also find it Quite Small Paper Museum with interesting paper items from around the world and a café where you can relax with a cup of coffee or a light meal.
Link til Papirmuseets By

Discover the marshes and tidal sea

The landscape to the west is very special.
Here you find the marshes and the Wadden Sea, which together with the adjacent areas to the south to Rhine Delta expired in Holland is a type of landscape does not exist anywhere else in the world.
We have all heard of elevated water levels and floodgates for major storms. If you walk in the marshes and on the dikes, you understand a little of what forces nature has, and what it means for human life.